Sunday, February 13, 2011

YNBH Grammy Edition Coming This Week

Clap your hands everybody and everybody clap your hands...
As he has every year since this year, Denny will be putting out a Grammy Recap, complete with all of the hard hitting investigative journalism called for by the thimble deep Bieberian sycopant-orgy, including:

Gaga Defecates on Stage: Finally Out Of Madonna's Shadow?

Stirring, A-Capella Lee Greenwood Cover Wins Cee-Lo Sizable New Cadre Of Fans.

Usher, Bieber Reprise Wormser/Latrell Revenge of Nerds Crowd Pleaser.

Asian-American Influence in Country Music Hits Historic Low.

Jacking Off to Taylor Swift Mysteriously Down 16% Since 2010.

Blonde Skank With Nice Rack Probably Won Something or Other.

Cirque du Soleil, Ninja Dojo, Anthropomorphic Dildo Crash Muse Performance.

Toledo Grandmother Thinks Bruno Mars Is "Handsome Black Fellow."

Russell Brand Absent, Confirming Americans' Faith In Deity of Choice.

Stunned Color Me Badd Shut Out Again.

And much, much more.

Denny DelVecchio


Bearman said...

I demand a recount on Color me Badd.

Unknown said...

haha! oh god you're hilarious. I didn't/don't watch much celebrity or TV-related ...stuff.. so you're my only connection to the media buzz other than the lurid gossip magazines I see waiting in line at the grocery store. I sometimes wonder what's worse: people zombified watching these megalomaniacs, or these megalomaniacs not having the modicum of self-respect needed to realize that people are groveling over their stupidity and not their individuality.

and guess what my word verification was? Musemetr, which looks like musement, which looks like amusement, which is what your blog gives me x10. Oh and it also reminds me of the muse joke you made .006 seconds ago

Love in the Dumps said...

SO looking forward to "Asian-American Influence in Country Music Hits Historic Low."

Vodka and Ground Beef said...

"Usher, Bieber Reprise Wormser/Latrell Revenge of Nerds Crowd Pleaser."

I seriously know all the words to this song. That might not seem sexy, but it is.

singlegirlie said...

Can I play? How's about:

Audience Goes Along with Ruse that Willow and Jaden Smith are Cuter and More Talented Than They Actually Are

Denny, you are still my Russell Brand.

Dr. Cynicism said...

"Cirque du Soleil, Ninja Dojo, Anthropomorphic Dildo Crash Muse Performance."

Eagerly awaiting your journalistic prowess of coverage on this story.

bluntdelivery said...


ah, denny.

miss you these days.

lets have a reunion/super8 lovefest.

soon, mmk?

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Bear: Disallowed per Bush v. Gore (2000).

@Leila: I know what six of those words mean, kid. Just because Denny can use big words doesn't mean he understands them. Or can read.

@Dumps: You're living it, my son.

@Single: You're still MY Russell Brand. Expect with bigger breasts.

@Doc Sin: I hope you will pen an editorial in response.

@Vodka: I did Ted McGinley back in 1989. Top that.

@Blunty: Are you free tonight? Because you know I won't pay.

Anonymous said...

Denny and my Bieber