Friday, May 13, 2011

Advance #76: Coming To Warm A Heart Near You

For the untold leigons of DelVecchians presently looking skyward in search of a modicum of validation for their staid, joyless existences, Denny now bestows upon them a modest preview of a few the upcoming episodes of this nine time Murrow Award winning webazine.  Enjoy.

Ryan Murphy hopes new Glee autofellatio episode leads to greater autofellatio empathy, acceptance.

Flirty summer looks for every type of body but yours.

Source: Cheating asshole really only cheating himself out of happiness.

Selena Gomez the next Selena Gomez.

Bloomington teen's 10 Minute Superbuns workout lasts only three minutes.

New Swagbucks Toolbar kinkiest thing in Lexington woman's life.

35 year old Pokemon superfan's wide-eyed, asexual existence validated by 6 year olds across globe.

Abrasive survey asks "Why the fuck are you wasting your time with this fucking survey right now?"

Deeply In Love With All Of You,
Denny DelVecchio


Love in the Dumps said...

Comments not working. Oh wait yes they are. NO wait no they're not.

Denny DelVecchio said...

That is the best comment I've gotten so far on this post.

Matt Brand's Asian Concubine said...

I hate anything Japan.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot.

Denny DelVecchio said...

@MBAC: Xenophobia isn't sexy.

@Anon: I like you're comment very much.

lisa said...

I love anime and manga. Why isn't it a surprise that I still have my cherry blossom?

I hate anything.

Ok, kids time for spelling and grammer, 3rd grade edition.
Your means something belonging to a person you address. Example: Hey dip****, your comment is lame.
Now let's look at "you're." "You're" means "you are" shortened with an apostrophe. So to call Denny an idiot proprerly, you say: Mr. Delveccio, it pains me to inform you that you're an idiot.
Please be advised, however, that our Denny is in no way an idiot and whoever says he is can suck my.....

Denny DelVecchio said...

So strong, LB. So motherfunking strong.

Penelope said...

I just want to jump in here and say that I am deeply in love with all of you too. Or is it two? No. Pretty sure it's too. (Is it its? Hey! See that? That almost looks like "Is it tits"! This one time, way back when we were all in high school, my brother's girlfriend wrote him a letter (remember doing that?) and she wrote "my pen is running out of ink" and we just died laughing. Laughed for days. Good times.) That was a long parentheses!

xoxo to you Mr. D! Best comment thread ever.

Denny DelVecchio said...

@P-Lope: Jump, jump for my love! Always enjoy when you stop by, me lady. You class the place up.

Anonymous said...

I missed this. A lot.

Penelope said...

Yes, tits and penis (well, pen is) in one comment. I *am* very classy. For real, though - we laughed for weeks about the "pen is" thing. Oh, you should've been there, Denny. Damn. If you *had* been in my little town in Florida in the 80's, my life would've been millions of times better. Oh well. xoxo

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Mars: Missed, you love. Been thinking of you and family.

@P-Lope: That reminds me of a paper I saw as a youth involving a governor (whatever that is) vetoing things: "Kean's Pen is a Sword"--except the paper guy forgot the space between pen and sword.