Thursday, June 16, 2011

Advance #79: What You Missed This Week

I pertain to one or more of these
. . . besides Denny's sleek, hairless gams and winning smile, that is. May you have a wonderful time at your gay grandfather's farm this weekend.

In the meantime, a winsome look back at the week that was:

Life Begins at Thought About Pussy Bill fails by three votes in South Carolina Assembly.

Toledo screenwriter surges to 317,000 on E!'s 2011 Hollywood Power List.

Tom Cruise straight rumors dismissed through rep as "Ridiculous."

Portly man you've never met wants high five.

Patient teen explains difference between Akon and T.I. to Danish grandfather.

Weiner scandal gives temporary reprieve to 8,000 marginal stand up comedians. 

Source: 27 Bruins got to first base with Stanley Cup last night.

Porn Lothario  Evan Stone denies he's man in video not having sex.

Judicial election loser reflects on first 100 days on park bench.

All of me,
Denny DelVecchio


Linda Medrano said...

I might have given you up for adoption when you were a puppy, but I'm glad I didn't. You turned out quite bright!

singlegirlie said...

"Patient teen explains difference between Akon and T.I. to Danish grandfather." - LOVE.


Penelope said...

I need that patient teen to explain who those effers are to me too. He available? And also, I just learned from this post (via comedians link) that King Douche stole from Louis CK. Huh. And also? Evan Stone creeps me out. Wow, this was chock full of useful/creepy info, D Nice. Thanks, sweets. xoxo

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Meds: I'm blushing. But probably because I'm in line at Burger King without anything on besides a Beastie Boys T-shirt and flip flops.

@Single: Burma damp? Or Georgia in summer damp?

@P-lope: Anything to be your shining star, love. Well, probably not anything...but certainly this.