Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day From Denny Dance

Niche Smut
Denny wants to take this opportunity to wish his loyal DelVecchians a most joyous Labor Day irrespective of whether or not you or someone you love will be expelling a miniature human out of your/their vagina.

Not Pregnant,
Denny DelVecchio


Love in the Dumps said...

Labor Day .... how about a post about Denny's job? We want to know where you punch the clock.

Trisho said...

I've never thought of labor day in this way Denny. Glad to know you aren't pregnant Denny! lol

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Dumps: I'd need to get permission from my supervisor, Easy Ed Verhowski, but it's a good idea and fantastic use of the comment box feature of Blogger websites like this one.

@Trisho: What way would you think of labor day if not about the day set aside to celebrate the miracle of vaginal and Caesarean birth and the often awkward conceptions that precede them?

bschooled said...

Denny, this could very well be the most touching Labor Day wish I've ever heard.

Have you ever thought about going into the greeting card business? (I need someone to cover the American holidays.)

Denny DelVecchio said...


Denny's your man. Have you ever seen the tawdry "50 Plus Is For Lovers" line (including the classic "Congrats, Cuckold!" design) at Spencer's Gifts?

All me.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, so that's what it was :(

Anonymous said...

Childbirth is gross.

bschooled said...

No, whenever I go to Spencer's Gifts I usually don't make it past the remote control vibrating panty section:

I'll keep an eye out next time, though.

ps. When I said that this was the most touching wish I'd ever "heard," I meant that in a "heard via my eyes" kind of way.

It's a Canadian thing. (Unless you happen to be Canadian. If so, then it's a "female Canadian " thing.)

It's how we do things in Canada.

bluntdelivery said...


this blog = a labor of love.

i guess that means you don't get a break today.

thank you for your unwavering commitment to all of us.

you = the shit.

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Loon: You've seen my work? It speaks well of you.

@KAP:Agreed, but the conception often is pretty hot. At least mine have been.

@B:You just missed Denny's birthday. Put it on layaway.

@Blunty: I'm am unwaveringly committed to between 23-31% of you. And not to crush you, but I subcontract to an outfit in Mumbai on weekends and holidays. Now you know.

susi spice said...

labor day so i guess no more white shoes for denny