Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Advance #54: Search Terms For This Site Still Kick Rump

Last month, I took my servile DelVecchians (better known as you) with me on a desperate voyage through the dark recesses of the innterwobs.

Well, I'm pumping that sweet, moaning wellspring yet again, as I've noticed the searches have grown more urgent, more craven, more scatological, more anatomical.

More Denny.

Here are some from the last few weeks:

-Hairy Mens Underwears
-Orgasm Contractions
-Soiled Granny Panties
-Gaping Greasy Bumholes
-Train Lead Singer Camel Toe
-Real Childbirth Videos
-His Bad Fisting Habits
-Princess Leia Handjob
-Facesitting Bad Habit
-Rod Stewart Spermwich Tube London
-Delvecchio Huge Penis

My mother would be so proud--rest her very much alive soul.

Hairy Underwears,
Denny DelVecchio


Bearman said...

Do hairy men need a different type of underwear?

Why is my word verification "whoric" and what does it mean?

singlegirlie said...

By the way, 5 people got my blog by searching "Denny Delvecchio" and 3 others by searching "Denny Delvecchio" "Matt Brand."

That's just three less than the number who searched "gay hooker tube."

And that reminds me, I'm going to need those granny panties back, soiled or not. Thanks, love.

Love in the Dumps said...

This post is all star. I was with you until "Delvecchio Huge Penis". That poor googler will be searching for a very, very long time.

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Dumps: You can't say "That poor googler will be searching for a very, very long time" without saying "very, very long."

Game. Set. Match DelVecchio.

@Single: You first, love. (Secret: you won't get them back.)

@Bear: The answer to the first question is "yes." The answer to the second is "yes, yes, yes."

susi spice said...

matt brand?? that name came up on my facebook somehow this week!!!! very freaky........ i dont even know the hell that person is or who they know that i happen to know! they said it was a "suggested" friend...


by the way the delvecchio huge penis was me :D
i can dream cant i??

Anonymous said...

Fisting is a bad habit that you should break.

Denny DelVecchio said...

@OCD: That sort of thing is not in Denny's playbook, love.