Sunday, April 11, 2010

Regress #11: My Wedding Night

I get a little moist of eye when I think back to that placid, magical night back in the sizzling Arizona fall of 2005.

I recall slow dancing to a particularly tender ballad as I looked my ethereal Vicki Nero DelVecchio nee Lambrusco deep in the eyes until it felt like I could peer directly into her unsullied, fawn-like soul. 

I moved in close to my porcelain doll. Very close. It was so romantic! Like sex scene #3 in Requiem for a Dream.

And then I whispered to my gentle little loveflower what had been aching in my mind for the better part of the previous three months--that the time me and her half-sister Lara hooked up in Gulfport the previous spring after the Olivia Newton-John concert meant absolutely nothing to me (although I'll not soon forget Lara's mystical leg ink):

I also told my beguiling nymphet that I had noticed (and appreciated) how hard she had worked to squeeze into her mother's size 14 dress for the wedding. Surely she would understand, and I would soon be back on the highway to wedded bliss.

I never saw my Vicki again, but last I heard she's working second shift at the I-40 (Ballaster Parkway) Whataburger just north of Flagstaff.

If you're ever up there, please tell her hey from Denny Dance. And, if possible, ask her if she knows Lara's new cell number.

Bea would have wanted it that way.

Denny DelVecchio


Anonymous said...

I want that tattoo.

Correction--I NEED that tattoo.

Lower back waiting.

susispice said...



Matt Brand said...

This is one of my favorite posts. PS good to see Olivia still have perfecto rump

Vodka and Ground Beef said...

What a touching moment you and Vicki Nero Lambrusco DelVecchio shared in her size 14 dress. I'm sorry you guys didn't make it. It seemed like everything was in your favor. Honesty is the foundation of love Denny. You did the noble thing.