Saturday, April 17, 2010

Advance #14: My New Hero

I'd like to introduce all of my DelVecchians to one Emma Doreen Brewbaker of allegedly of Tempe, who made me a firm believer last night in both fate and feminine physical perfection.

As an icebreaker, I told her that she must have absolutely stunning ovaries. That's all the in Denny needed.

Three surprisingly awkward lean-ins later, she was gone. But not from my aching soul.

Oddly, the cell number that my sweet Priestess gave me rings to an elderly gentleman in northern Nevada named Max Brusiwicz. Lady Nat must have been so beguiled when she wrote it on my bicep that cognizant thought was nearly impossible.  After all, just look at me.

So, I'm off to fire a Missed Connections love rocket at the sweet and eminently bone-worthy Ms. Brewbaker. I'll report back later, homies.

With Love,
Denny DelVecchio


Anonymous said...

I can do that, except my feet need to remain on the floor.

Blanks said...

Any pics of the ovaries??