Thursday, February 11, 2010

Advance #5: Vonn Damn!

You've no doubt heard them all:

Saucy, impetuous Daughter of Thor.

Shimmering, ample-chested Tigress of the Mountains.

Everyone's Favorite Jutting Female Rump.

Hella-fine, dimpled Enchantress of the Downhill.

America's Most Attractive Athlete With a Vagina.

Mrs. Denny DelVecchio.

It really doesn't matter what people call you. You're simply destined to be America's Sweetheart. Like Mary Lou Retton, only beddable. And, yes, this virile Italian Sex-Yeti wants to dance with you in a most forbidden manner.  Not illegal.  Just forbidden.

Injury? Ha. Double D will mend your rebelling, impetuous fibula with my sweet Sorcerer's touch--a sultry lightning bolt of healing from your favorite freaky plaything.

Forget the box, you're the Wheaties.  And I'm the 2%.

Stay Gold Lindsey.

Your first love,
Denny DelVecchio

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Anonymous said...

Get a Room.