Monday, August 8, 2011

From The Bag of Tricks: Time For You To Pick Denny's Ink

Although Denny Dance has got what some like to refer to as "it going on," he still plans to ink it up this weekend courtesy of my boss "Easy" Ed Verhowski's by-the-hour mistress, Destinee, who was recently bequeathed a probationary online certification from the acclaimed Squaw of the Sun Dermis and Genital Modification Institute of Antigua.

Rather than gluttonously imposing my will on such a lofty, cumbrous decision, I'm going to allow my glorious hoard of DelVecchians to make the call for me.

So put down the bottle of Malibu, turn off the dwarf smut, and gather around your Dark Lord of Flesh, Denny, in what will certainly be the most important thing you have done thus far in your adult life.

Denny DelVecchio

Here are the candidates:

An Obious Choice

Has It All

Instant Street Cred

Also Instant Street Cred

Chicks Will Dig

Because I'm A Lyrical Poet

And Rod Roddy On the Left


singlegirlie said...

Ahem. I think the obVious choice is MY name and visage on both butt cheeks. Although I do like the bear.

Bearman said...

That is a terrible tattoo of my friend Kevin. Well he probably doesn't remember but we worked together and played football back in the day.

Sarah said...

Pretty sure the low, projecting ears on those tattoo kids are an indication of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

Checkerboard pattern on your face, ladies will love it.

Kristen said...

I think the obvious choice is Vanilla Ice.

Penelope said...

Can't stop looking at he Pattz/Tay-tay mack, therefore, that's the one. Chicks will dig it indeed.

Denny DelVecchio said...

@Single: I have the bear already. Sometimes it's a papa bear and sometimes it's a baby bear. You follow?

@Bear: Speaking of Bears, you're taking it well that K was picked for BSB. But then we wouldn't have Beartoons had it gone the other way.

@SP: Why do you think I grow my hair the way I do?

@Mike: Been there. Cars kept racing by me. (Note: worst comment response I've made in the site's history...apologies.)

@K: Perhaps you want to enlighten us on why it's so obvious...wink, wink...

@P: I had that before I even knew what Twilight was...except it was of Denny and myself.

Anonymous said...

Denny. I can't possibly choose. I think I need to see them all in real life first.

Can you get them all done so I can see them and decide then?

Denny DelVecchio said...

But you must. Get The Denny. Inner thighs only.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the worst collection I've ever seen